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Brazen Armed Robbery Attack in Zenith Bank Owerri- The Full Story ( Graphic Video & Photos)

Brazen Armed Robbery Attack in Zenith Bank Owerri- The Full Story ( Graphic Video & Photos) | de-matrix

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Published on 14 Jun 2017

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017,  3 pm,  Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, Sergeant Otu Attang and Sergeant Sunday Agbo, relaxed routinely at their security post at the Wetheral Road branch of Zenith Bank in Owerri, Imo had been a hot day so they were all looking forward to going home after  what was appearing to be  another  uneventful shift. 

For Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko this new job as part of the Bank security detail was very important to him.Today was his third day on the beat and he was getting into the daily routine. The extra bump in income would allow him to give his oldest son a better education and help achieve his dream of becoming a medical Doctor. He was getting tired and was looking forward to calling his family when he got off work.

That hope was shattered when a black Hyundai Elantra, arrived at the bank's gate.The unsuspecting gateman opened the gate and the car, which had four occupants,3 of them wielding what appeared to be AK 47 assault rifles, stopped three-quarters of the way into the Bank premises.One robber jumped out from the passenger's seat and headed to the  North East entrance of the building while another from the back passenger seat followed behind both firing sporadically into the air as they went.

This unfolding event which was captured on Close Circuit Television(CCTV), was suddenly angled to the security post where a counter burst of gunfire from the three plain clothes Policemen could be seen. In a loud clatter,  the back side glass of the Hyundai was shattered prompting the driver to move forward while the fourth occupant returned fire in the direction of the security post.

The video then shows one of the robbers approach the security post while shooting simultaneously. The seemingly over confident hoodlum enthusiastically entered the entrance of the security post and was immediately hit by a bullet from Sergent Chukwudi  Iboko's rifle. The impact threw him backward and onto the hard ground, blood gushing from his fatal wounds. 

Seeing his colleague take a fatal hit, the hoodlum in the back of the car came out firing at Sergeant Iboko who, after killing the daring robber, dashed out of the security post towards the North West part of the building, shooting at the car as he ran. The robber returned to the car after a brief gunfire exchange with the sergeant and the driver drove out of the bank's  premises, the other colleague joining on the road as they fled, leaving in their wake, three seriously wounded policemen and their dead colleague. 

This event, which could only be described as a scene out of a Hollywood movie lasted only a few seconds shy of 3 mins!

The wounded policemen were rushed to the Owerri Medical Complex where one of them, Sergeant, Iboko died the next day by 4 am.The other two were then transferred to the police clinic in Owerri, where, another of the seriously wounded policeman, Sergeant Sunday Agbo succumbed to his wounds by 3 pm. 

The third sergeant, Otu  Attang remained in intensive care as Doctors battled to put him back to the best health.At the end of his stay, he had lost an eye, and severe damage to his left leg, all from  the gunshots inflicted by the hoodlums

37-year-old Sergeant Chukwudi, Iboko, who is survived by 7 children and a wife, has been regarded as a hero for the way he engaged the robbers and killed one of them. A GoFund Me Account opened for his family by a social activist raised $18,000 within 15mins!  Also, The Owerri branch of The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) threatened to sue Zenith Bank and The Nigerian Police Force for abandoning the families of the dead policeman.This prompted  Zenith  Bank and the Owerri Police Authority to make pledges of support for the family.

The tragedy that took place that day would forever be etched in the minds of everyone who watches the shocking video of this brazen attack.

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